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Let’s get real for just one minute.

One time or another we’ve come up with a variety of excuses why we don’t want to go out for the night. Some are pretty extreme and some are straight forward. To be brutally honest, we are down right willing to lie just so we can avoid going out and having to step outside our introvert comfort zone.

Here are 15 excuses every introvert has used to avoid having to go out…

Excuses vs results1. I had a rough day today at work and I’m pretty tired (Interpretation: I had to deal with far too many people today and I can’t take any more.)

2. Sure, I can go out. I’ll meet you there  around 9:00 PM. (Interpretation: there is no way I will be showing up, plus I will be asleep by then.)

3. I did this new workout at the gym today and my legs feel like Jello. So, I can barely walk. (Interpretation: I’m going to take a bath, soak my legs then watch a funny comedy and fall asleep.)

Funny alert >>

4. My stomach has been acting up on me ever since lunch and I have such bad gas. You don’t want to be around me! (Interpretation: When I get home I’m going to have something easy on my stomach like some soup and then I’m going read a book.)

5. Dang it! I’m already double booked and can’t cancel. Maybe next time. (Interpretation: There is no way my plans for taking a nice evening walk after dinner is going to be ruined.)

6. My father in-law just called and said he is having computer problems again – he said he was hacked. (Interpretation: I have go to my father in-law’s house to show him how to attach a picture to an email – which will only take me about 10 minutes so right after that I can rush home to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.)

7. I can come out for 30 minutes, then I have to let me dog out – she hasn’t been out all day. (Interpretation: About 30 minutes is all I can take. Thank goodness I don’t have to really worry about my dog, she can hold it for hours – plus I stopped off at home on my way over.)

8. I have to finish up this work presentation but as soon as I’m done I will head over. (Interpretation: As soon as I finish this presentation, about 10 mins, I’m going to head home, turn the computer on and do nothing but relax.)

One of my favorite excuses right here >>

9. I didn’t realize that was tonight. I have so much going on right now that I could use a break from going out. (Interpretation: Thank goodness I enjoy what I do for a living that I’m going to finish up work from home, crack open a bottle of wine, and stare outside.)

10. Don’t think I will be much of a conversationalist tonight, my mind has been going crazy all day. (Interpretation: I can’t take another minute of talking to anyone else for the day – I’m experiencing people overload.)

11. I don’t get paid until next week and I don’t like to use up my savings just to be able to go out. (Interpretation: Sure, I have some spending cash but I’d rather spend that on a good movie, bottle of wine or a book.)

12. Thanks for the invite but I will have to pass until next time. (Interpretation: I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight but anything but going out would be FINE by me)

Just a few more >>

13. I have to take my son to his baseball game and then have to drive him home.  (Interpretation: I’m going to watch my son’s baseball game – ALL BY MYSELF.)

14. I’m completely exhausted and nearly fell asleep at lunch today. (Interpretation: Right after a delicious salad, I’m going to curl up in my bed, listen to some music and then fall asleep.)

15. My daughter’s school called earlier today about how she was sick, so I have to take her to the doctor. (Interpretation: I need to stop off at the drugstore to pick up some aspirin for my daughter, then I’m going to mow the lawn and call it a day.)

Do you have any silly or extreme excuses you have used before to avoid having to go out? Let us know, we would love to hear them.

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