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If someone where to ask me what makes being an introvert any different and/or better than extrovert, it would be hard to answer. There are advantages and disadvantages for both extroverts and introverts. 

However, since being an introvert myself I would say there are… 

Three Distinct Advantages to Being an Introvert.

The following are not in any particular order but what I can say is these three have given me (and what I believe) an advantage.

  1. Introverts are able to focus on the task at hand — anytime we are given something to work on and because we like to spend time alone, we do an excellent job on focusing. We get really clear with the problem by dissecting it until we are able to find the solution(s). We don’t like disruptions as it can derail us from being able to provide the best solution which works out for the best.
  2. Introverts are extremely creative — this is somewhat similar to introverts who are able to focus but the difference maker is how creative we get with our solutions. Rather than putting forth the first one that comes to mind, we tend to internalize our options. Which one will provide the most benefit? Will this be easy to implement? Can we leverage technology? As we are going through the various options we keep asking ourselves these kind of questions until we find the right one. 
  3. Introverts are great friends — because we take a different approach to interacting (i.e. listen and keep to ourselves) extroverts who like to talk and like to be heard fit very well with introverts. Us introverts aren’t consumed with what we need to say next but rather listening to the other person in what they want to say. The one thing I am always listening for is how we can relate to one another. Not only does that make the other person feel good but it also does for me too. 


Do you have any advantages of being an introvert you would like to share? Let us know.

Much success,



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