Be the first one to share this post! defines Sense of Humor as, ‘a person’s ability to perceive humor or appreciate a joke.’ And, what better thing that can change someone’s mood with a simple joke. If you’re an introvert who prefers to avoid conflict, drama or a tense situation, it’s amazing what a sense of humor can do.

I’ve done this a number of times (too many to count) where a sense of humor can diffuse situation. One word of caution, you have to demonstrate just the right amount of humor so that it’s not overwhelming or annoying but rather makes for a better situation. An introvert’s approach to sense of humor is a bit different but nonetheless very funny (I may be a bit biased here).  Not to mention, because you’re a funny dude, people will typically like you more (not that it matters or anything).

Here are five ways an introvert can enhance their sense of humor.

Life is easier with humor1. Use some introvert satire – You know how us introverts are, right? Well, we can take advantage of that with satire. So, let’s say you were invited to a party and you were running late and people were looking forward to seeing you. When you arrive you can smile and say, “I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” As people already know who you are, they will definitely enjoy the humor.

2. Learn to laugh at yourself – Here is something I have done recently. While in a meeting with a bunch of people, a casual conversation between a few people started to escalate. Since I don’t care much for conflict, I quickly said something hoping to diffuse the situation. Upon finishing, I realized what I said didn’t come out as I wanted to (typical uncomfortable introvert moment). I quickly laughed at myself 😀 and restated it differently. I switched the focus off the conflict to my silliness and all became better.  

3. Tell a funny story – Who doesn’t like a story, especially when it’s funny. This one works really well in a small group setting where an introvert already feels comfortable in. Oh yeah, be sure your story is concise, otherwise you’re going to lose your audience. Trust me, I know about this one all too well.

4. Copy a funny introvert – You have probably heard me say this before, but you don’t have to do or figure out things on your own. So why not learn from others who have already done it before. For me, I like to watch comedies and observe their behavior. I’ve been known to act those comedies out a time or two. Just ask my wife.

5. Read a book about sense of humor – Below are a few sense of humor books available on Amazon that can help get you started.

If you don’t prefer to buy books, you can still go to the library and find a bunch of books for check out or just to look at while you’re there.

Do you have any ways you enhance your sense of humor?

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