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Have you ever participated in a personality assessment before? If you have, then you understand that how you answer certain questions (with no wrong or right answers) you’re classified with a specific personality trait. As you may already know, the intent of the assessment is ultimately to draw attention to your strengths and weaknesses.

Over the years I have participated in a variety of these personality assessments and all of them pointed out very specific characteristics that lead me to believe that I was an introvert. For example, how I was more productive when I worked independently or how I was most creative when I had quiet time. Today I want to share with you a few ways I have learned how to embrace being an introvert. 

Here are 5 ways to embrace your inner introvert

1. Don’t resist being an introvert

Once we know we are an introvert, it isn’t anything we need to be ashamed of. Embrace that you’re an introvert and the special qualities you bring to the world. Not to mention, no need to care or worry about what other people think or say how we should act. 

2. Don’t be afraid to say No

We are a “Yes” society and tend to say yes more than we probably should. However, as an introvert taking on too much can be overwhelming as well as decrease our productivity. When you feel that you are breaching your “over-the-limit” threshold let that be a reminder to say No with the context, “I already have too much on my plate I need to focus on. However, as soon as I am done with these other high priorities I can then attack this next thing.” Saying “No” once in a while will also have others start to respect you more.

3. Have more quiet time

With some many distractions these days we find it difficult to partake in any sort of quiet time. But as an introvert, having quiet time recharges our battery level and prepares us for what is next. So it’s essential to find opportunities to make time for quiet time. When I know the day is going to be too busy, I like to make quiet time in the early mornings or late evenings. It makes such a difference.

4. Follow introvert leaders

As you know, leaders inspire others to do things that may not realize they are perfectly capable of doing.  What helps an introvert out more so is learning from introverted leaders. Not only will you resonate with their approach but you will also learn how they tackle certain situations. I found this to be extremely useful as I embrace more of what it means to be a leader.

5. Manage your battery level

There are many things that drain my introvert battery such as, too many large group settings within one day or not enough focus time. It’s key to know when you notice your battery level is running low and productivity is down that it’s time to set some limits. If you’re able to restrict or limit these battery drainers you will find your productivity level will increase. One way I limit from being drained is I set aside time slots throughout the day (& don’t involve anyone other than myself) where I focus on some specific tasks I know I must complete. 


Enjoy your “Me Time”

We all have the same amount of time in the day (24 hours) but what we choose to do with our free time makes all the difference. For me, that is “Enjoying my Me Time”. During my “Me Time” I either focus on completing a critical task or just doing nothing other than reflecting on the day and enjoying the quiet moment. “Me Time” allows us to spend some time to work problems out on our own.

Do you have any special characteristics or ways you embrace your inner introvert? 

Much success,


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