About Me


My name is Jerome Ratliff and I’m an introvert. I’m a husband to an amazing wife and we have three wildly energetic kids. Being an introvert was something I never realized until I learned more what being an introvert meant. At first I was taken back by this “label” and thought of it as something negative. However, once I realized what it really meant for me (i.e. I like my alone time and get energized off it) and how there are so many successful introverts out there, being an introvert wasn’t so bad after all. 

As I looked back on my life, it was apparent I had always been an introvert. Now, it didn’t or doesn’t mean that all that I did or do was keep to myself and prefer not to talk or interact with others because that’s not true at all. I just learned that what energized me and got me hungry to do the next best thing in life was during the times I was alone. When things became completely overwhelming, I knew deep down inside I needed some me time. My brain would be processing so many things and at the end of the day I knew me time is exactly what I needed.

Sometimes me time meant doing absolutely nothing or more times than not reflecting on the overwhelmingness I was faced with and begin dissecting the challenge. At the root of who I am is a problem solver. I see problems as challenges that can be resolved. Either I feel confidently I have the solution or I knew someone else out there who did. My determinedness to find or offer up a solution excited me and gave me a sense of fulfillment, hence where the term “hungry” from this website is derived from. 

I’m a hungry introvert! Someone who enjoys their me time but when i do interact with others and I see a challenge (or when I’m faced with one too) I’m hungry and determined to resolve it.   

On this blog I will share my person journey from an introvert’s perspective. And if you too are an introvert, I hope you find this site useful and makes you feel right at home.

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff

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