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One of the biggest myths about introverts is that they can’t be successful and success is only for extroverts! Although there are lot more successful people who are extroverts, it is mainly because statistics have shown there are more extroverts than introverts. So with that alone, the odds appear in favor of extroverts.

So, let’s set aside this myth and talk about…

Can an introvert, regardless of their personality be successful?

I am here to tell you success is possible for you and anyone. A lot has to do with how you measure success. One of my book mentors, Earl Nightingale describes success as, “Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This means that any person who knows what they are doing and where they are going is a success. Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person.” 

Other than the obvious definition of success, the one thing I wanted to share with you are some of the key words sprinkled in his definition and that is “any person” (i.e. introvert, extrovert, etc.). 

So, as you can see it is within reach. However, there are some key things one must do to be successful in reaching their worthy ideal and that is having the right frame of mind. That means when you we decide upon your “worthy ideal” a successful person is all in – nothing else.

This may seem rather difficult for introverts given how we like to work independently. However, there are many benefits to being an introvert who can be successful. I will get into that in just a bit.

When one is all in, it simply means they are not bouncing back and forth between doing this and that. You have accepted the mission and there is no turning back. Sure, you will experience some setbacks and challenges but those are all a part of the process. 

Success takes time and it certainly requires patience which works really well for introverts. Because introverts are focused machines and determined to complete the task at hand, being all in is who we are. 

Looking back on my life I remember when I was a boy and how I wanted to have a fulfilling life. I wanted to have an excellent career that matched my passion, be a great husband and dad. Thankfully that all came true!!!

The minute I made that decision, many moons ago, I was set on a path to fulfilling that dream. Sure when I was kid I didn’t really know what this all meant but all that mattered was how I really wanted it and I was all in. As I got older I experienced all of the challenges that each of those goals came with. I learned how I was an introvert, so having these things may not come as easy to me as it did for others but I will tell you one thing that has stuck with me over the years and will leave today’s article with this… “I don’t care what others think I can’t do.”

Sure, that has presented other challenges but it isn’t anything a “hungry introvert” can’t figure out. 😉 

Do you think success is possible for you?

Much success,


Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels


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  1. Being all in and focused. That’s a great formula. Excellent encouragement Jerome!

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