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I often wondered, am I shy or is there something else? Why do I like to be alone at times? Why do I find myself getting re-energized after some “me time”? Why was I different from some of my friends who were outgoing? The more I dug into it, I soon figured out what it was. I’m an introvert!

Although it initially felt weird, I was sort of happy to learn what made me slightly different. It just meant I operated differently from others and that it was okay. The bigger challenge was not for me but for others – How do they understand the type of person I was? 

Isn’t that our biggest challenge as an introvert? 

Not that we are surprised we are an introvert but that others should know more about us. They should know how to interact with introverts. They should know how we approach things. They should learn how to communicate with us.

So, what are the common signs of introverts?

Common signs of introverts
Image source: / Joshua Seong

Being around far too many people drains our energy level so much that a bit of balanced interaction will go a long way. And, if we are in that situation, just know that we need some time to re-energize our battery level. 

Having a small group of close friends works best for us. We find comfort in effectively communicating and interacting with a small set of people rather than a large pool of friends. It doesn’t mean we can’t have many acquaintances because we can, it just means we want to control the valve so we don’t get drained.

Just because we are quiet at times does not mean it is difficult for others to get to know us. It just means it will take someone a bit longer to get to know us. And, over a series of 1:1 sessions or small group settings, they will eventually get to learn more about us. Please note that it doesn’t mean we can’t open up because we can it’s just that we have to feel comfortable in the process – which takes time.

Solitude is our precious time when we get things done. For me that means I can focus on a task at hand or spend time to reflect on a situation. Since I’m a task person this works especially well for me because not only can I close out the task but I can also strategize my next move.

We are very self-aware of everything that is going on despite how it may appear on the surface. For me, I’m a sponge. I am constantly observing my surroundings and the information being shared with me. I am an information junkie. I thrive in this state because it means I can spend the appropriate time processing the information rather than speaking up right away. Just know that eventually all the pieces will come together. 

Do you have any common signs of introverts you would like to share?

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