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This is my first blog post for this website. You may be wondering why I chose the tagline, “The Hungry Introvert”. Well, you have probably already guessed it, I’m an Introvert. I’m not someone who is extremely outgoing – although I am well liked 😉 – nor do I enjoy being the center of attention, it’s just not who I am. I enjoy my “me time” and it gives me a lot of comfort as well as the ability to focus or reenergize by batteries. I should also state I am not perfect. In fact, you will probably find plenty of grammar mistakes throughout this blog. Although I do strive to be the best I can be, this one area I continue to work on. This is who I am, mistakes and all.

Are you an introvert?

The Hungry portion of the tagline is about how eager, excited or determined I am at looking at challenges (aka problems) and what I do about it. When I am faced with a challenge, do I fold or give up? No! And just because I am an introvert doesn’t mean that I can’t seek to understand the challenge and try to figure out a solution just because I prefer to be alone or have me time. No! Am I not qualified to step outside my comfort zone as an introvert and interact with others? No!

Have you ever been faced with an insurmountable challenge you didn’t think you can overcome?

We all have one time or another, right? We also know that eventually things tend to work themselves out. We either waited patiently for resolution or we did something about it. I’m that certain person who does something about it and despite being an introvert, is an interactive problem solver. At the core of my being I love to try to solve problems from simple to complex.

In fact, I am so passionate and eager to find a solution (because it brings me great joy knowing I’m serving a purpose) that I would classify myself as someone who’s hungry (i.e. someone who wants something bad enough they are willing to do anything). Hence where the term “Hungry Introvert” comes from. 

What does this all mean and have anything to do with you?

Well, I hope that the stories and experiences, from an introvert’s perspective, I will be sharing with you on this website resonates with you. I hope that you too become hungry enough to find the solution to your challenges. And especially if you’re an introvert, there are ways we still can have a very involved and interactive life with others, enjoy our “me time”, and be successful at the same time. Oh yeah, I don’t have a solution to everything and neither does one particular person. However, I do know there is a very good chance someone out there has been through what you have. So, why not leverage other people who have done it before or has been able to overcome the same challenge you are experiencing.

For now, don’t worry about it. Let’s enjoy this life and figure out together how being an introvert is not a setback but a blessing. Just like an extrovert would think about themselves – they are blessed to be an extrovert! All we have to do is be the best you, you can be or in my case the best I, I can be.

This blog is dedicated to either hungry or aspire to be hungry introverts. Thank you for visiting my website. 

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff

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