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I’m someone that is an information junkie. I thrive on learning and especially on topics I truly enjoy. Such as; finances, technology, self-help, new gadgets, or general process improvement stuff. I strive to be better each and every day. Sometimes I am and sometimes I am not.

In other words, I try to embody the old saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Yeah, I know the old saying, “Practice Makes Perfect” is a misnomer because perfect just doesn’t exist. However, I want to be better today than I was yesterday. So, I dive into what I want to be better at and see what happens. 

Now, how I approach each topic is different but at the root of the process I attack it as such:

  • Find something I want to be better at
  • Learn more about it from a reputable source (i.e. someone who is very good at it today)
  • Put it into practice


As an introvert this works really well for me. I will give you an example of what I mean.

Recently I was asked to attend and speak in front of a large audience where I had to represent a RCA (Root Cause Analysis) conversation. Thankfully for me it was over a conference call. Not only did I have to understand the root cause and the solution, I also had to be able to address any questions that may come up.

So I would start with understanding my audience and begin thinking of the type of questions they would ask me. I would then formulate my responses. And, as I crafted these Q&As in my head I would start role playing it out aloud to myself. No, I don’t do it out in the open or in front of others (LOL). Instead, I do it in front of a mirror at home, in the car, or somewhere private – which again works really well for me as an Introvert.

As I speak the Q&As aloud I listen to how I respond and I am able to quickly tell if what I am saying needs some adjustments. More times than not I have to make some changes, because after all I’m not perfect. 😉 As I make the necessary adjustments, I run through all of the questions again and provide my answers aloud. And when it comes time for me to speak I feel very confident and prepared. 

This is just one example and I do this with a lot of things. I want to be confident when I am speaking and I want others to gather that I am a competent person. And, if I am not then I probably shouldn’t be speaking about it anyhow.

Another example of how I strive to be perfect is with finances. I am always looking for opportunities to grow my money and some of those ways are not so typical. 

Again, I take the topic I want to learn more about and put what I learn to practice. For example, years ago I wanted to learn about investing. So what I did is I sought out an investment guru for personal finances, learned from them, and started investing just as they showed me.

I learned things such as how to reach Financial Statements, P&Ls, Balance Sheets, earning statements, etc. I also learned how to find companies I should invest in and most of the times they were popular brands I used every day. So with the combination of the right company and understanding their financials I was able to determine if I wanted to invest them. In other words, I would put to practice what I learned. 

So, has this approach of Practice Makes Perfect worked for me every time?

“Yes, it has 100% of the time.”

Just a bit of a disclaimer, my example above how I wanted to learn about investing and start doing it took time. It was not an overnight process. Over a period of time I learned more about it and eventually came to the conclusion what I wanted to do. Now for other things that didn’t work out, I still say they were a success because what I did learn in the process was it was something I wasn’t interested in after all. Or sometimes I learned about it and realized I wasn’t qualified to do it myself. I other words I learned I had to leverage others which is not at all bad to thing. 

So, there you have it – Practice may not make you Perfect but it can make you Better

How do you strive to be better?

Much success,


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